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Find YOUR Peace of Mind Weekend Workshop

We are always our own harshest critic. As a counsellor I find that no matter what my client’s problems are, underneath all of them are feelings of not being good enough, not being loveable, being afraid to make mistakes and scared that they will lose what or who they love because of what we think are our horrible inadequacies.

We all make normal, human mistakes and our brains tell us the impact on our lives is so much worse than the reality. We worry about what others think and KNOW that they are judging or condemning us the same way we do to ourselves.  It takes away our peace of mind and ultimately, our quality of life.

To make things worse, what we don’t realize is that these messages are buried in our subconscious and cause us to behave in ways that sabotage what we want. And the catch is, if we can’t see what’s behind it, we can’t change it.

In this weekend we delve into our unconscious guilt and look to  find The forgivenss that lives on the other side. Npt only does this change the way we behave when we are not letting guilt drive the bus of our lives, the result is a life filled with less stress and more peace.  

Inquire about 2019 dates. 

$400 includes meals, accommodation, workshop and taxes.

Facilitated by Marion Baker, RTC

Lead A Spirit Guided Life 8 Month Program

As a follow up to the Peace of Mind weekend, in this 8 months we tackle all of the big issues that we tend to carry guilt around. Self image, money, relationships and more. The more we can address the guilt we keep hidden in all areas of life, the more our quality of life changes. Our growing sense of peace and connection to spirit now guides our lives rather than our guilt driving our bus and dictating our behaviour. 

The intake for this course is once per year in October until May of the following year. 

The cost is $300 per month for 8 months or $2000 up front. 

We kick off the 8 months with a weekend retreat at Ravenstone Retreat, and end it with a weekend of celebration in May, also at Ravenstone. We will meet online for the duration. 

All meals, accommodation for the weekend workshops, and taxes are included.

Facilitated by Marion Baker, RTC

E-course coming soon: Find Peace of Mind

with a new Money Mindset

What brings more peace of mind than having your money situation sorted? We all know that sticking to a budget is the way to financial peace, just like diet and exercise is the best way to lose weight. So why are so many people overweight and broke?  If you're tired of worrying  and you want a different, practical solution, then this course is for you.

Not only do we explore the psychological aspects of you that hold you back, but we learn some very easy and practical tools that will help you reach not only your financial goals, but peace of mind, which is really the whole idea in the first place...