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Marion Baker, RTC, MTC

Marion is a registered, master therapeutic counsellor who specializes in transpersonal psychology-the marriage​ of spirituality and psychology. Through counselling, sh​e teaches forgiveness, mostly of ourselves as she feels that uncovering our subconscious guilt and learning to let ourselves off the hook changes our entire experience of life. Life flows more easily and we have much more peace of mind, joy, passion and ​​purpose.

Marion is also trained as a non-denominational minister in the principals of A Course in Miracles. She believes that if you follow the guidance of a higher power, whatever that means to you, that healing becomes easier. Knowing that there is something loving and supportive that is bigger than you, allows you to let go of control (which brings more and more peace) and then life happens through you. No more hard work with greater faith, trust and abundance.

Contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions or to book an appointment. 

"Perhaps you have become so absorbed in gardening, reading, or even balancing your chequebook that your breathing slowed and you became as single pointed as a panther stalking her dinner. In this state, creativity flowers, intunition leads to a deeper wisdom, the natural healing system of the body is engaged, our best physical and mental potential manifests itself and we feel psychologically satisfied.  Spiritual meditation (or mindfullness) will help you become aware of the presene of the divine in nature, in yourself and in other people. The love and joy that are inherent in Spirit-that are the very essence of Spirit-will begin to permeate your life."

                         -Joan Borysenko, psychologist, scientist and spiritual teacher